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Using Digital Performer 4 and UAD1 Plug-Ins.

Q: “When I bounce to disk in DP4 with UAD1 plug-ins, I get an error message, ‘buffer size of 500 did not match the expected buffer of 512’, then the additional message, ‘powered plug-ins error, the plug-in was unable load, plug-in buffer size mismatch, error 30′.”

A: This is a problem that MOTU and Universal Audio are addressing and future updates should help solve this issue. However, the temporary solution is to perform “real time” bounces in Digital Performer 4 sessions or with tracks that have UAD1 plug-ins inserted. To perform a real-time bounce, set the output of tracks you want to bounce to Bus 1-2 (or any available bus), create a new stereo audio track whose input is Bus 1-2 (or matching other track outputs), and record on this new track. The result will be a stereo recording of all tracks sent to that bus pair, including plug-ins, edits, etc.

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