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The Differences Between Keyboards & Keyboard Workstations Explained

Q: What are the main differences between regular keyboards and keyboard workstations?

A: In today’s market, a “keyboard” could mean several things, but more often than not a keyboard is an instrument with a set of keys – usually 61, 76 or 88 – and some form of a sound source – synthesizer engine, preset samples, or a combination of the two. The Roland Juno D is a good example of a contemporary keyboard. A keyboard workstation is a keyboard that also offers additional music production tools such as an onboard MIDI sequencer, a drum (or rhythm) machine, effects, mixing, sampling, etc. KORG’s Triton Series is a good example of one of today’s many keyboard workstations. While a keyboard is an instrument that you could use in performance or in the studio for recording, a keyboard workstation gives you the ability to create entire songs with full arrangements and mixing all from the convenience of one instrument. It’s kind of like having a mini studio in your keyboard. Many songwriters find a keyboard workstation extremely useful for composition.

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