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Delay Levels and Expression Pedals

Need to use multiple delay settings, but your delay stompbox doesn’t support preset storage? Here’s a manual solution that we’ve been finding works very well: choose a delay pedal that either has a built-in tap tempo switch or a dedicated jack for tap tempo input as well as an input for an expression pedal. Assign the expression pedal to control the delay level or the delay wet/dry mix.

Now, you can set your delay time using the tap tempo switch and use the expression pedal to set the amount of delay that is heard; bring it up for solos and back for rhythm playing, or whatever you need. We usually set the feedback control so that there are a few repeats.

In some ways, this works better than having fixed presets that you recall, since the delay time and amount are continuously variable to match whatever musical situation in which you find yourself.

This Tech Tip gives you a list of some delay stompboxes that support expression pedal inputs.

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