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DD7 Stereo

Q: I love my BOSS DD7 digital delay pedal, but something weird is going on. When I plug into one input, and hook up the two outputs to my two amps, I get a stereo delay, like you’d expect. But when I plug my stereo chorus into both inputs on the DD7, the delay changes to mono through the two amps. What gives?

A: The DD7 can operate in several stereo modes. To change the modes, power up the pedal and plug a cable into Input A. Then hold down the pedal’s switch and plug a cable into Input B. The “Check” light should flash. Now you can use the MODE knob to select the stereo mode you want:

3,200ms — independent delays for output A and B
800ms — stereo panning delay
200ms — “ambience” stereo delay

When you’ve selected the mode you want, press the pedal again until the Check light rapidly flashes orange then goes out. The new setting is now saved.

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