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Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Review

How many of us have used only software synths and never touched a real analog synth? When you think analog synth, you generally think of expensive panels full of switches and dials… something that you would never get your hands on unless there was one set up in a music store. Worry not, because Dave Smith Instruments has come to rescue you from the digital doldrums.

The Mopho (short for MonoPhonic) has a 100% analog signal path that is a direct descendant of a single voice of the DSI Prophet 08. It comes with 384 built-in programs, which are fully customizable and programmable, just by turning any of the control knobs on the surface. I spent several hours trying out different programs, and adjusting each and every control. Within just one program, I produced an amazing variety of sounds. I also loved the built-in arpeggiator and sequencer, especially when I plugged in my MIDI controller keyboard and began to play with the pitch and mod wheels. Don’t have a keyboard? There’s a handy little “Push It!” switch on the front that triggers notes and latches on sequences. You can have plenty of fun with just this box and some headphones. If you have an external source of audio, you can also use the Mopho to process it. I tried out a guitar with some interesting results.

If you’re looking to score some great analog synth sounds contained in a highly portable (and affordable!) box, look no further than the little Mopho.

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