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Dave Smith Instruments Announces Pro 2

Dave Smith Instruments has announced a new mono synth, the Pro 2. The Pro 2 is said to be the “ultimate mono synth,” with

  • four digital oscillators plus a sub-oscillator
  • newly designed dual analog filters
  • flexible series/parallel routing through the filters
  • a full-featured multitrack step sequencer with MIDI clock sync and modulation parameter control capability
  • four control voltage inputs and outputs
  • 4-voice paraphonic operation
  • multimode arpeggiator
  • four stereo multitap delays
  • four LFOs
  • tuned feedback
  • analog distortion
  • Character controls for sound sculpting
  • two programmable position- and pressure-sensitive touch sliders
  • and much more!

According to Dave Smith, “…as a synth designer, I’m happiest creating new instruments—synths that with every iteration put more power and better sounds into the hands of musicians. The Pro 2 is light years beyond the Pro-One in every way. It’s the most powerful mono synth I’ve ever made.”

The Pro 2 is expected to begin shipping in late July, 2014.

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