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How To Use a Dangerous Music Source with a Subwoofer

Q: The Dangerous Music Source doesn’t have a subwoofer output. Is there a way to hook one up?

A: Although the Source doesn’t have a “dedicated” subwoofer out, there are several ways to accomplish connecting one. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Connect your main left/right speakers to the Speaker 1 outputs.
  • Connect the subwoofer to the Speaker 2 outputs.
  • Put the Source into Latch mode, where you can choose more than one output at the same time. To do this, you have to enter Setup mode. First, press the AN2 and AES/SPDIF switches under the Headphones Source section at the same time. Then, select the Speaker 1 switch (the switch will light up). Press either the AN 2 or AES/SPDIF switch under Headphone Source to exit Setup Mode.
  • Now, you can select SPKR 1 to monitor through your main monitors, and press SPKR 2 to add in your subwoofer.

To return to Toggle mode, where you can listen to either SPKR 1 or SPKR 2 (but not both at the same time), repeat the above steps, but deselect the SPKR 1 switch (it will not be lit).

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