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Customer Studio: Watson Wu

While Watson Wu Studios’ many services include original music, sound design, voice overs, and consultation, it’s field recording that really sets this southwestern Florida operation apart. “With the perfect location of so many available expensive vehicles and firearms, I tapped into recording them for clients,” says owner Watson Wu. “It would be insane to refuse getting paid to shoot and record machine guns or joy ride in a speedy Ferrari.”

His operation involves three studios, but the primary location is on the coastal island of Boca Grande. “It’s very quiet and not far from where I field record many expensive vehicles, firearms, animals, ambiences, etc.,” he says. “There aren’t many ideal locations in America where I can quickly record weapons in quiet shooting ranges and rig multiple microphones on exotic cars to run on long quiet roads.”

watsonwu_crowds_ncaa_football_0177_EdirolR-44_HolophoneSurroundMicWatson studied music education and composition in college, but it was a book about game audio that inspired him to get into field recording. “The thought of working in this industry was quite exciting, since I play and enjoy video games,” he explains. “After the first contract job, more work came floating in. Even though I am a composer, field-recording requests have been very active, and I thoroughly enjoy this type of work. Instead of buying more traditional items for the studio, I started acquiring field equipment. Since then I’ve done related work within the film, TV, and commercial industries.”

Watson points to the hub of his go-to rig, a 702 field recorder from Sound Devices. “[Sweetwater Sales Engineers] Kenny Bergle and Matt Wood sold me this amazing gear, which has successfully gone through many harsh areas without any problem,” he says. “Before Sweetwater, buying gear was a constant headache. Both Kenny and Matt know me very well. Now, when I speed dial my guys, they’re cheerfully ready for questions or orders. During a mishap from a weapons session, one of my windshield kits caught on fire – nothing new. Matt went out of his way to track down replaceable parts so that I wouldn’t have to pay for an entire new kit. They’re the best!”

Visit www.watsonwu.com to learn more about Watson Wu and the services he provides.

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