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Creation Stations Go Dual Core

If you’re going to be creating music on a new computer, doesn’t it make sense to buy one from a company that actually understands the recording process from start to finish? Oh, let’s say a company like, umm, Sweetwater. Our two new flagship Creation Station PCs tap into the power of the Intel Pentium D dual-core processors which split program data threads between two separate blazing-fast processor cores. The end result? Massive track counts even while simultaneously handling multiple plug-ins.

The Creation Station RackDual 3.2 ships with 2GB of DDR2-533MHz RAM plus three Glyph SATA hard drives – an 80GB for system and applications, plus two 200GB drives for loops, samples, virtual instruments, and multitrack audio files. The RackDual 2.8 comes loaded with 1GB of DDR2 RAM, an 80GB system drive, and a second 200GB Glyph SATA audio drive. What this means to you is simple: Install your favorite DAW software and your new Creation Station PC is ready to record in minutes. Both machines are whisper-quiet and include Radeon X300 SE PCI-Express dual-head graphics cards and on-board Gigabit Ethernet.

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