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Creating a Big Bass in Reason 3.0

Need a huge bass sound from Reason? First, you need to load a SUBTRAKTOR module. Now you have 32 different waveforms to choose from. Go to WAVEFORM on the SUBTRAKTOR and try out each one. The sine wave produces a smooth, deep bass, but with no overtones, while sawtooth waves are snappier, with more harmonic content. Next you need to select the OCTAVE. Here 3 and 4 work fine for basses and subsonics, while 5 and higher are better for “Club” and “West Coast” synth basses.

For a more complex bass sound, simply enable the second OSCILLATOR, then adjust the WAVEFORM and OCTAVE to taste. If you want your basslines to have smooth transitions from note to note, enable LEGATO mode, then adjust PORTAMENTO (try starting at 50, and zero in on what feels right). Finally, lower the POLYPHONY to just one or two notes unless you’ll be using it to play chords.

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