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Create Your Own ReFills

Reason ReFills are a convenient way to encapsulate all the files necessary for a song into one place, or to create a bank of patches for one or more Reason instruments in an easily transportable form. But how do you create those cool ReFills?

The answer is to use Propellerheads free ReFill Packer software. There are three versions available for download: ReFill Packer 1.0 for owners of Reason 1, ReFill Packer 2.5 for owners of Reason 2.5, and ReFill Packer 3.0 for (can you guess?) owners of Reason 3.0. Registered owners can download the appropriate version and get to work.

The software is simple to use. Just collect everything you want into a folder, specify that folder as the ReFill source, then specify where you want the resulting ReFill to be placed on your hard drive. Hit “Create ReFill” and you’re done. There’s even a “sample” folder included to get you started, and a template folder you can use to make creating your own ReFills even easier.

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