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How to Create a Gated Reverb in Pro Tools

Q: I want to create a gated reverb effect in Pro Tools. Any suggestions how to go about it?

A: Happy to help. Here’s the general idea — you’ll need to tweak settings, etc., to taste. We’ll assume you have a session ready to go, with the tracks/channels you want to feed into the reverb already in place.

1. Create a stereo or mono Aux channel (depending on if you want stereo or mono reverb).
2. Set the input for that Aux channel to an unused bus.
3. Create a send on the track you want to route through the reverb. Assign it to the same bus as is feeding the Aux channel.
4. Instantiate your reverb plug-in of choice onto the Aux channel. Now, when you play your session and turn up the send on your track, you should hear reverb on that track.
5. Instantiate a noise gate plug-in after the reverb plug-in on the Aux channel. (In Pro Tools signal flows through the channel strips from top to bottom, so place the gate in a plug-in slot below the reverb plug-in.)
6. Set up the gate to open and close as desired.

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