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Copying functions in the Korg Karma.

“In the Korg Karma how do I copy an RT function from one Prog/Combi/Song to another?”

We’re almost surprised we haven’t seen more of this type of question. The Karma’s RT functions are amazing and it’s very interesting to apply certain ones to different sounds or combi’s. The method of copying follows:

Use the “Copy KARMA Module” Utility. You can locate this by hitting Menu, the Karma, then Setup, then Utility, and finally Copy Karma Module. The shorthand for this is [Menu] ->[KARM] ->[Setup] ->[Utility] ->Copy KARMA Module

Set the “Copy Mode” according to where you want to copy from, i.e. “Program” to copy from a Program. If this is set to “Combi” or “Song”, you can choose which KARMA module you wish to copy from.

Make sure that [x] KARMA RT&Panel Setting is checked if you want it to function the same way as it did in the original Program. Note that if you are copying from a Program to a Combi, or from one Combi to another, you may need to edit the KARMA MIDI Routing settings to make it function correctly in the new Combi: The get there just [Menu] ->[KARM] ->[MIDI I/O].

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