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Cool Tool: Ultimate Pedalboard?

Have more pedals than you know what to do with? If you’re a stompbox junkie and you need instant access to everything in your collection, then this Cool Tool is just for you: The Pedaltrain Grande! (a.k.a. Pedaltrain 4) from Pedaltrain. For the studio, the Pedaltrain Grande can become your sound-design base station, with plenty of room for tons of pedals, space for power supplies and power strips, and Pedaltrain’s easy-to-wire slotted design.

But the Pedaltrain Grande is also the ultimate gigging pedalboard since it comes in a tour-grade, lockable flight case with one huge extra: built-in low-profile wheels for easy transport! It even comes with plenty of hook-n-loop material for fastening down your pedals, brackets for mounting two power supplies, and even a supply of cable ties for keeping things neat.

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