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Cool Tool: NZXT Bunker

Much of today’s music and audio software requires a USB dongle as a “key” in order to operate — the dongle authorizes the software. The problem is, if you lose the dongle or if someone “accidentally” takes it with them when they leave the studio, you’re out of luck. Your software won’t work until you get another dongle, which may mean re-purchasing the software.

Now you can keep those precious USB keys safe with the Bunker from NZXT. The Bunker is a 4-port USB hub with a locking door that mounts right into an empty 5.25″ bay on your desktop computer. There’s even a cable slot for protecting your wired mouse, keyboard, and other devices.

Now your USB devices, including iLoks and other USB dongles, flash drives, and other devices will be perfectly secure, yet still easily accessible!

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