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Cool Tool: Cymatic LR-16 Live Recorder

Want to capture a live multitrack recording of your band, a church service, a school band or orchestra performance, or another live performance event? Then you must check out the Cymatic LR-16 Live Recorder! This simple and affordable device connects up to 16 insert points on your mixer and makes a 16-track recording of the incoming audio to a USB hard drive.

The LR-16 supports 16- or 24-bit recording at 44.1 or 48kHz. Pan, mute, and solo can be set per channel for monitoring. The LR-16 can also serve as a stereo WAV player and as a 16-channel audio interface for Mac, PC, and iOS, as well as a stereo interface for Android.

It doesn’t get any easier for capturing 16-track recordings!

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