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Convictions in Joss Stone Murder Plot

Photo credit: Benoit Derrier

Two men accused of plotting to rob and kill Grammy-winning singer Joss Stone because of her connections with the Royal Family have been convicted in a unanimous verdict. Kevin Liverpool and Junior Bradshaw of Manchester, England, were arrested in 2011 after neighbors noticed them carrying a samurai sword, knives, rope, and a body bag. The investigation revealed notes on a plot by the two men to behead Stone and dump her body in a river. The two were allegedly members of a gang, though no others have been arrested. It was also alleged that Beyonce, Cheryl Cole, and Craig David were included in diary entries by the two men.

The lawyers for the defense suggested Liverpool was not dangerous, but “a deluded inadequate.” The prosecution’s response was, “Stupidity is not a defense.” Liverpool was given a life sentence, Bradshaw has not yet been sentenced.

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