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Connecting FireWire audio interfaces to two computers.

Q: “Can I connect my MOTU FireWire interface to two computers at the same time?”

A: The short answer is no, well maybe, but probably not… In reality, it may work (both computers may be able to see the interface at the same time), but it’s simply not advisable for a number of reasons such as:

  1. Audio interfaces are controlled by drivers on a computer, which tell the audio interface what to do. Having multiple computers controlling it all the same can cause information problems (sort of like two people telling you to do separate things at the same time).
  2. In our initial testing, if one computer has a crash or other problems, the other computer may fail too.
  3. The second port on MOTU FireWire interfaces was designed for FireWire peripherals like hard drives. Interfacing with two computers (while inventive and interesting) was not in the initial specs and is therefore not supported by MOTU.

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