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Combining PDFs for Free

Ever want to combine multiple PDFs into one easily accessible PDF document? Unless you have the full version of Adobe Acrobat or have purchased and installed another piece of software for the task, you can’t do it. Recently, though, we came across a very cool website that does it for you — there’s nothing to download, except your combined PDF.

Why might you want to combine PDFs? Well, you might have a bunch of reasons to do it outside of your studio needs — but we find it’s a great way to put all of your user manuals in one place. That way, you can combine all your PDF manuals from your audio interface, DAW software, virtual instruments, plug-ins, etc. Then, if a question comes up during your workflow, all you have to do is hit “Command-F,” type your search string, and you’ll search through all of your manuals at once. Saves time!

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