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The Cher Effect

Continuing our discussion of this effect, in this final segment, we’re looking at Graphical Mode (previously we were discussing the Automatic Mode):

  • You start by setting the Graphical Mode’s Retune Speed to 0.
  • Switch back to Auto Mode and select any Chromatic Scale (the key doesn’t matter at this point).
  • Select the Line Tool and click the Snap To Note button (if it’s not already on).
  • Now you draw individual lines for each note you want to appear in the melody. To ensure instantaneous transitions between notes, make certain that each line butts up against its neighbors. You could also draw the entire melody as one interconnected line object, but using one line per note makes subsequent editing a lot easier.)
  • Play your track. If you like what you hear, you’re done.
  • If you’re not happy with the result, simply select the Arrow Tool and experiment with changing the pitch or length of individual lines. The beauty of using lines in Graphical Mode is that you can literally sculpt any melodic contour to get exactly the effect you’re after.

    Special thanks to our friends at Antares for their help with this tip!

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