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Changing Default Audio Playback App on Mac

Q: I’m frustrated; every time I accidentally double-click on a WAV or MP3 file on my Mac, it copies into my iTunes library and starts to play. Then I have to clean it out of the library. Is there any way to change what happens when I double-click an audio file? I’d rather that it opened up with the QuickTime Player.

A: You can easily change the default application that opens up any type of file on a Mac. Here’s how to do it:

  • Select the audio file (single click on it)
  • Open the file’s Information window (Command+I) or right-click and select Get Info.
  • There is a section of the file Info window called “Open with:” click the small arrow to drop this section down if it is closed. Within the drop down menu, you’ll find a list of applications compatible with this file type. Pull down the menu to select the one you want.
  • When you change the assigned app, you are also given the option to click “Change All…” for this file type. If you select this, the app you have selected will be the default to open all files of this type. (So if you get info for a WAV file, change the app to QuickTime Player, and click “Change All…” then the QuickTime Player will become the default app for opening all WAV files.

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