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CD burning error on Yamaha recorders

“When I try to burn a CD of more than one song, my Yamaha AW16G stops and shows the error message ‘ATAPI‘.”

Unlike Yamaha’s AW4416 and AW2816, the AW16G does not create an image file for burning the CD. So, it’s streaming the information from each file on the drive as it burns which is more taxing on the overall system. If the hard drive or CD burner can’t “keep up”, the ATAPI error will appear. To solve this, enable “buffer under run protection” in the CD Setting page on your AW16G. It is also suggested that you set the burn speed to a slower setting as well. Follow these two steps and you should be fine!

While this tip is specific to the Yamaha it actually can be applied to most any CD burning application. Most systems have some type of buffer under run that can be enabled. And where they don’t slower burn speeds will often help.

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