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Casio PX-3 Review

This board made me want to pick up piano again after 17 years.

Throughout my life I have been surrounded by the piano. Both my mother and grandmother graduated from Northwestern with degrees in piano performance. For me, after a few years of piano lessons it was apparent that I had not received the “piano gene.” I was stricken with the inability to use my hands independently of each other so, in turn, I picked up the guitar and never looked back.

When I first pulled the Casio Privia PX-3 from the box I was instantly doubtful of the stage piano. Due to its light weight I assumed there was no way this board’s feel could resemble a real piano. I have never been so wrong! At 23 pounds, this piano is awesome! After loading it onto my stand I immediately pressed the keys. I was pleasantly surprised. Casio’s “Ivory Touch” keys felt just like the baby grand in my family’s den.

I immediately plugged in headphones to evaluate the tonal options the stage piano offered. Once again, I was pleasantly surprised by the rich, warm grand piano tones the board offered. After scrolling through all of the tones I found myself partial the clavichord tone. With tons of great sounds pre-programmed in the PX-3 it is hard to beat. It even has MIDI ins and outs, so if you want to replicate some of you favorite synths from your DAW you can do so without any issues.

Overall, I found this keyboard extremely enjoyable. I am by no means a keys player, but I managed to feel really good after spending two days with this great board. This board made me want to pick up piano again after 17 years. At a price tag well under $1,000 this board simply can’t be beaten.

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