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Cascading Converters into Apollo Twin

Q: I have a new Universal Audio Apollo Twin that I want to use as my primary audio interface for my iMac recording setup. I saw your video on the Sweetwater website about the Apollo Twin, where you indicated that I can connect an external converter through the Apollo Twin (eight channels of ADAT optical or two channels of S/PDIF optical), to get more channels into the DAW. I have a MOTU 828mkII that can output both ADAT optical and S/PDIF. That will work, correct?

Now here’s my real question. I am considering taking advantage of a sale you are running. It offers the Avid ElevenRack plus the GroundControl pedal setup AND ProTools 11 at an alarmingly good price. Could I daisy chain the ElevenRack into my 828mkII and would that transport those four channels through the MOTU and UA units into the DAW as well? I don’t want to have to constantly be changing audio interfaces just to take advantage of the different features.

A: Connecting the 828 to the Apollo Twin digitally should work just fine. The key is that the 828 has to work standalone. Directions for doing this are found here.

As far as cascading an ElevenRack through your 828 and into the Twin; it should work fine. Set up the 828 per MOTU’s instructions and connect it to your Apollo Twin. Then connect the ElevenRack outputs to the inputs on the 828.

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