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Can I Capture Kemper Profiles with Effects?

Q: I have a Kemper Profiling Amp, and I want to capture profiles of my rig. Do I have to profile just the amp by itself, or can I use pedals and effects running through the amp I amp profiling?

A: The answer depends on what effects you are using. Trying to profile a tone that includes time-based effects such as delay or reverb, or modulation effects such as flange or chorus will not work very well — the profile is a snapshot in time, and will not capture time-based effects. It is best to add these into your Kemper rig using either external pedals or the onboard effects after the profile has been captured.

However, you can capture profiles of overdrive or distortion pedals running into your amp. In that case, the tone of the overdrive/distortion becomes part of the profile and you will no longer need to use that pedal to create your tone in the Profiling Amp.

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