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Bose L1 Model 1S with B2 Bass Module

Bose has added a new member to their L1 family of powered PA systems, along with a new bass module. Ideal for medium-sized rooms and audiences of up to 300, the Bose L1 Model 1S with B2 Bass Module employs Bose’s proprietary 12-speaker articulated line array to give you 180 degrees of horizontal coverage with tight vertical control. This arrangement results in less drop-off in volume over distance than conventional loudspeakers — eliminating the need for a separate monitoring system. With the L1 Model 1S, you get a choice of bass modules: the B1 (for maximum portability) or Bose’s new B2 bass module (for higher bass output).

In a band performance setting, the L1 Model 1S can be used in a number of ways. A premium setup would be one system per player; however, two systems used as a pair behind the band can also be a highly effective solution that eliminates the need for a conventional PA and monitors.

To expand your Bose L1 Model 1S system, you can add the optional T1 ToneMatch audio engine, which gives you additional I/O plus the ability to save the sounds of particular instruments and mics as handy presets. ToneMatch puts Bose’s ever-expanding library of customized presets at your command to instantly optimize instruments and microphones at the touch of a button. Different presets can be independently assigned to each of the engine’s four channels.

The new Bose B2 bass module is a flexible, high-performance bass module purpose-built for the L1 Model 1S and Model II systems. Packing two 10″ high-excursion woofers in a compact, roadworthy enclosure, the B2 features a rear panel switch that lets you select higher or lower bass levels to suit your particular application. Proprietary technology in your L1 system automatically senses the switch position and provides correct equalization and power. If you require maximum bass impact from your L1 system, the Bose B2 bass module is the way to go.
Whether you’re a public speaker, a DJ, or a band member, the Bose L1 Model 1S with B2 Bass Module gives you the performance and flexibility you need.

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