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Microphone Month 3

Blue Microphones Cactus Review

I have anticipated using this microphone ever sense the suggestion crossed my mind and when I went to open it, I thought to myself, “What on earth? This can’t be a mic… it’s in a huge box!” Well, what an impression it made on me to begin with, and it only continued to make more impressions as I began to record with it.

The Cactus comes equipped with a flight case, power supply, Blue’s Champagne cable, and a Series I shock mount. It looked so beautiful nestled into its safe environment that I couldn’t wait to get it all out and hook it up!

Minutes later, I had the power supply set to omni and began to lay down my vocal track. The musical response I heard was like no other. It was an intimate experience, up-front and clear sounding. Allowing the warm and rich tones of my voice to shine through. I finished the song I was tracking in only two takes, because I was so pleased with the sound quality that I was able to achieve with the Cactus. It brought out the mid-range details and smoothed out my high ends to a silky top presence. I couldn’t have asked for a better blend of fine quality while recording vocals.

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