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Blow Up Your Audio with Pro Tools!

One of the most common issues when dealing with various displays in any DAW software is the ability to zoom in and out easily and conveniently in order to work more effectively. Too much extraneous mouse movement can make editing (an often tedious function), even more tedious. In order to improve workflow, not to mention save your eyesight, here’s tip to make zooming in and out an easy one-step process.

If you find yourself constantly adjusting your zoom level, set your keyboard focus to ‘Commands’ by clicking on the a…z button in the Edit window. Then press the “E” key to expand your selection and fill the Edit window. Press the “E” key again to toggle back to your original zoom setting. The zoom toggle track height can be set in the Preferences dialog under the Display tab. For more info on learning Pro Tools, check out the Digidesign Training and Education Program.


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