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BIAB 2011

PG Music has announced Band-In-A-Box 2011 for Mac and Windows. The new version includes more than 50 new features, plus major improvements to RealTracks for more natural sound over a wider range of tempos. There are also 101 new Jazz, Pop, Country RealTrack Styles — plus, the RealTracks are 70% smaller in size than before. A new Mixer Window gives fast, easy access to volume and tone adjustments, patches, and more. MultiStyles with up to 16 substyles can be made with RealTracks, instruments can be changed at any track at any bar, multiple RealTracks can be on the same track at the same time, triple-time RealTracks allow 3/4 tracks to be used for 12/8 feel, RealTracks can be made “bluesy,” the new StylePicker Filter allows you to find styles that match your search terms, and much, much more!

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