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June 2017 Giveaway

Beyerdynamic Opus Mics — Your Favorite Styles are Back!

We’ve received the Beyerdynamic Opus line of microphones. These are based on some of their most popular designs over the past 10 years or so and are phenomenally good microphones for the money. Models in stock include the Opus65 (killer kick drum mic), Opus69 (terrific for live vocalists), Opus81 (an even better hand held vocal mic), Opus83 (great for instrument miking), and the Opus51, which is a very innovative half-spherical pressure mic (excellent for pianos).

Okay folks,, it’s a bit last minute, but we’re doing some major blowouts of demo and used items we have in stock. Unfortunately we’re moving stuff so fast we can’t keep the website updated like we’d like. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for some great pricing (in many cases better than what is listed on the web) and latest status in terms of availability. This applies to most items we have that are used or demo, and there are some really phenomenal deals going on so call quickly. It’s all over at the end of the month. Check out the Blowout section of Sweetwater.com.

A bit late in the month,, but it’s time for our March WSOTM (Web Site of the Month). The MC Squared site has some really helpful calculators you can use to figure out things like power ratios, resistor values for pads, speech intelligibility, reverb time of environments, Ohm’s Law calculations and much more.

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