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BBE 882 Sonic Maximizer Review

The 882i was recommended to me by a fellow sales engineer who told me that the effect the 882i would have on sound is nothing less than extraordinary. I fully trusted him and as I researched the product, I couldn’t wait to hear the difference. I thought that I was fully prepared for the “wow factor;” how wrong I was. WOW! The complete richness and fullness that was added is very underrated by saying that it was extraordinary!

I used this product on a pair of Mackie SRM 450 monitors which are an excellent sounding pair of monitors. Simply by turning the lo contour and process knobs on the 882i up halfway seemed to bring the music to life. The real difference was when I pressed the bypass on the 882i and heard the unprocessed signal. Suddenly the music I heard didn’t have the same magic to it. I was in utter amazement! I’m not to sure where BBE got their pixie dust from to put magic into this box, but I’m glad they did! This unit can be used in live sound, in a studio, on a mix-down, or an individual instrument. I whole-heatedly recommend this product to everyone who wants an easy way to add some magic to their sound!

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