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The B-Bender for the Fender Telecaster was invented in the late 1960s by two guitarists from the legendary band The Byrds, Gene Parsons and Clarence White, at a time when the group began to dabble in country rock. The B-Bender employs a system of levers inside the body, which connects the bridge to the top strap button, just above the neck. When the player pulls down on the strap, the levers raise the pitch of the B-string, producing bends within chords to emulate sounds that are normally associated with the pedal steel guitar. A modified version of the bender, co-invented by Gene Parsons and Meridian Green, was used by Fender, and was known as the “Parsons/Green bender.”

(Thanks to inSync reader Pete Giansante for corrections to this Word For The Day entry.)

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