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Aurora Fuse video card and Pro Tools.

“I use one of the Aurora Fuse video cards with my Pro Tools system. I have been having horrible problems with jerky movie playback to the external monitor. I figured I just had something set incorrectly until recently when I was at another studio that seemed to have the same problem. Does this thing work?”

Yes, though it wasn’t initially optimized for processor intensive applications like Pro Tools. If your Pro Tools session is set up so it uses a lot of the native processing power of the CPU (meaning lots of RTAS plug-in use, among other things) you may experience glitchy video playback. Intensive host processor usage will affect video playback on any system. However, to mitigate this condition, Aurora has developed new drivers for the Fuse card, which dramatically reduce the stuttering previously seen with processor-intensive applications like Pro Tools. You can download the version 2.02 Fuse driver from the Digidesign website.

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