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Auralex’s U-Boats Examined!

Q: “How much weight can one of Auralex’s U-Boats withstand?”

A: U-Boats help with floating rooms to improve transmission loss (isolation) problems and low frequency definition. They are made of a specially-formulated rubber compound that Auralex assures us will outlast the framing member it’s supporting. Apparently U-Boats have never been tested for weight, but the rubber that they are made from is known to be ultra-resistant to all kinds of potential problems including water (flooding), humidity, weight, and time. U-Boats are currently installed in studios all across the land and we have not heard of any issues regarding their ability to stand the test of time and the elements. For more information regarding U-Boats, please call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer at 1-800-222-4700.

Corrections to a previous Tech Tip: A couple of weeks ago we wrote about square wave reproduction as it relates to sample rates (see TTOTD 7/14/2003). There are a couple of details that need to be corrected from that article. The first “harmonic” of 12 kHz is 12 kHz. The second harmonic would be 24 kHz. Further, since square waves have only the fundamental and odd harmonics there would actually be no energy at 24 kHz (the second harmonic) in a square wave. This doesn’t change the overall points of the tech tip in any meaningful way, but the details are nonetheless important. The Tech Tip in the archives on line should already be corrected so this is mainly for those who get the weekly e-mail digest.

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