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Microphone Month 5

Auralex MoPad Wedge Adjusters

Auralex just sent us a shipment of their MoPAD Wedge Adjusters, which allow you to tilt your monitor or speaker (or any item to be decoupled/isolated) to listening angles of 4û, 8û, -4û, and -8û. Leaving the wedge in place allows the monitor to be set flat – 0. Very convenient.

Cakewalk has announced that the 2.0 version of their popular Sonar software will begin shipping April 1st. There is a ton of new stuff in this version, including Cyclone DXi Groove Sampler, ReWire 2.0 support, multi-port graphical drum editor, new advanced project management tools, global MIDI control surface support, improved soft synth integration, support for Yamaha’s Open MIDI Plug-in Technology Panels, ACID .wav file exporting and more. More info to follow once it’s in stock.

Today’s WFTD and TTOTD were supplied by Sweetwater Sales Engineer, David Klausner. David is one of the “old dogs” of our industry and an authority on vintage gear, making him the perfect person for today’s topic.

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