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Auralex diffusors explained.

Q: “What’s the difference between the Auralex T’Fusors, MiniFusors and MetroFusors?”

A: T’Fusor is Auralex’s highest quality diffusor. Made of a thermoplastic resin, T’Fusors are very hard (and durable) and are effective at diffusing sound almost completely, above 500 Hz. You can increase the low-end performance slightly (and decrease some 250 to 300 Hz resonances) by back-filling the T’Fusors with loose insulation or leftover Studiofoam. T’Fusors will drop into any 2’x2′ ceiling grid or mount directly to a wall using Velcro strips, trim strips, nails, screws (with anchors as appropriate), etc.

MiniFusors are also made of a high-quality thermoplastic like their big brother, the T’Fusor. The main differences are that MiniFusors are 12”x12” and are not quite as diffusive. MiniFusors can also be back-filled to improve low-mid performance. One main advantage is that MiniFusors are more cost-effective than T’Fusors.

MetroFusors is Auralex’s answer to the industry-wide request for more cost-effective, lower-profile diffusion. MetroFusors are made of high-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) and are only 2” thick at their deepest point. (By comparison, T’Fusors are about 6” and MiniFusors are about 5” deep.) Because they are much thinner, performance below 2000 Hz rolls off significantly. Also, because they are so inexpensive to produce compared to T’Fusors and MiniFusors, Auralex forwent any testing. At this point you might be saying, ”Then why should I buy them?” Our answer is simply: They work! MetroFusors are the best way to get a little bit of diffusion for not a lot of cash.

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