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Apple iPod 10 Gig

It’s a new – and bigger! – species of iPOD! We’ve had iPODs at Sweetwater before, but this one offers an impressive expanded 10 gig hard drive for MP3s, AIFF or .WAV files. A few savvy iPOD owners at Sweetwater have discovered that there’s more to the iPOD than generous storage space, and they’ve passed some of these secrets along to the rest of us. As a result, Sweetwater’s Software Lab has developed iPOD Tools. This basically lets you turn your iPOD into an electronic organizer for musicians. You can create lists of upcoming gigs, a music equipment, song titles for your set, and more. You don’t even have to use it for music – you can store and view your appointment calendar or a list of favorite recipes on your iPOD if you want. Best of all, it’s FREE.

Sweetwater has recently lowered the price of AKG’s C4000B microphone. The C4000 is in a price range where there are many choices and thus doesn’t often get much attention, but this is a really standout mic. It’s not just another mic that kind of sounds like the C414 (though that’s a nice mic to be compared to). The color of the 4000 is more distinctive, warm, and in keeping with the kinds of vocal sounds many producers and engineers strive for in 2002 (as opposed to 1982). It’s a great deal. Check it out.

BitHeadz has brought the Discrete Drums concept to Unity Session and Unity DS-1, boasting 24-bit, stereo drum samples available on CD ROM. BitHeadz maintained the Discrete Drums concept of allowing the user to control the level of the Room tracks. The Unity content CD utilizes Unity banks to achieve the same control as the individual audio tracks of the discrete drums.

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