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Apogee & Windows Compatability

Q: I have an Apogee interface that I use with my Mac, but I want to do some work in a friend’s studio who uses Windows. Is there any way to use my Apogees with Windows?

A: All Apogee Firewire and USB interfaces support Mac only; some also support iOS connection to iPad or iPhone.

Older Apogee converters, such as the Rosetta 200 and 800, AD16X, and DA16X, that are equipped with optional X-HD cards can be used with Pro Tools running under Windows, since they emulate (and appear to the computer as) Avid audio interfaces.

And, certain Apogee interfaces, such as the Symphony system, can be set to run in “standalonemode and used as analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters along with another Windows interface that supports digital I/O.

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