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Another iPod/iTunes Tip

Everyone these days has heard the horror stories about the damage iPods and other compact MP3 players can do to people’s hearing. Truth is, your ears will normally tell you to turn down the volume because loud music typically causes pain. In fact 130 decibels is generally accepted as being the threshold of pain. But it’s not so much that really loud music will cause immediate damage, as it is that long-term use of an iPod that’s just slightly over a safe volume limit that will do the damage. You can easily set a lower maximum playback volume; however you’ve probably already noticed that some songs are markedly louder than others. Fortunately, you can adjust the volume on those songs individually. First select the song, then choose File > Get Info, click Options, and then drag the Volume Adjustment slider left or right. iTunes will use this setting each time the song (or video) plays.

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