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Another great patch bay organization tip.

inSync reader Carlos da Costa responds to our recent tips (see TTOTD 7/19/2001) on patch bays with a very helpful technique he’s been using.

Regarding your recent tip of the day concerning how to organize patch bays, one thing I do that helps me a lot is to plan everything ahead using Excel (or any other spreadsheet or a word processor table). By setting up a table that has rows and columns representing the physical layout of the patch bays(s), it’s easy to type connection labels inside the cells and move them around until everything looks good. And you can print your labels on plain paper using the spreadsheet, and then glue them using a stick glue — easy to wipe out with a humidified cloth. Plus you can use that “master spreadsheet” as a maintenance tool, so that whenever you make physical changes to the cabling, you also change the labels in the spreadsheet.

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