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Amp of the Day: Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII

With Orange Amplification’s history and a name like “Rockerverb,” the expectation for huge, thick distortion sounds runs fairly high. Of course, the Rockerverb 50 MKII lives up to and greatly exceeds that expectation. What you may find surprising is how versatile this 2-channel, all-tube head really is.

The Clean Channel utilizes 2 stages to produce super-rich cleans full of harmonic overtones. The depth and complexity of this channel makes it super-useful in a variety of musical settings not normally associated with Orange amps. Since it is a non-master volume design, the power section breaks up faster for pure, vintage-British crunch; powerful and commanding.

The 4-stage Dirty Channel serves up everything Orange is famous for and more. The entire range of the gain control produces different colors in the musical spectrum; from stinging blues and classic rock to molten metal, the Dirty Channel has a dense palette. Both channels also feature 3-band EQ to further dial-in your perfect tone.

The 50-watt power section of the Rockerverb MkII is another chameleon. Factory outfitted with two EL34 tubes, a simple re-biasing can make the amplifier compatible with 6L6s, KT88s, or 6550s for even more flavors of Orange. The lush onboard reverb is powered by two Ecc81/12at7 tubes for super-spaciousness and the Ecc81/12at7-powered effects loop is ultra-transparent and flexible enough to accept any input level.

The Rockerverb MkII is available in Black, LTD White, and of course, Orange as pictured here. Stage or studio, this amp is designed to perform anywhere and deliver a wide range of gorgeous, musical tones with that classic Orange appeal. The Rockerverb 50 MkII will give you the full-on Orange experience!

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