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AKAI MPC1000 Review

My greatest surprise was how much you could do with this little box!

When first getting familiar with the MPC1000, my greatest surprise was how much you could do with this little box! From the 32 MIDI tracks, to the 64 track sequencer, backed up by the real-time processing, the MPC1000 has got you covered. I was also impressed by how easily I could navigate through the LCD and recording features. Any feature or filter is accessible within a few selections. That is a huge relief! Do you really want to feel like you are reprogramming a computer in the middle of a live performance? I don’t.

The MPC1000’s Q-Link sliders are the main controls for the real-time processing. They act like a filter knob on an analog synth, meaning you can change tuning, filter cutoff, attack, or decay during performance. A really cool extra with the Q-Link sliders is that they can be reassigned mid-performance. So if you are changing the tuning of one sample, and suddenly want to change the decay of a different one, you can do it almost instantaneously.

With modern music changing all the time, we all have to remember that certain products are no longer genre specific. Samplers are no longer just for hip-hop and electronica. Rock and metal groups, and even country acts, are now using samplers. Why? Because they sound so close to the real thing! If you are a guitar player and don’t want to have to wait on band practice, or can’t find a band to practice with, don’t get frustrated. The MPC1000 has the ability to be your band. (and it actually does what you want it to.)

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