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Acting inSync editor Chad Corley

Roland is in a groove. They’ve now shipped us the new EF-303 groove effects box. What make an effect unit a ‘groove’ effect unit, you ask? Aside from lots of traditional processing effects (flange, chorus, delay) it has things like a step modulator, which lets you create a multi-stepped pattern of complex effects changes over time using a very analog-like user interface. Then it also has DJ oriented effects like groove isolator, slicer, lo-fi, and voice transformer.

It’s probably safe to assume that most of you who read inSync are involved in the music industry, or would like to be involved in the music industry. Sweetwater sponsors a very cool website called Music Careers.com. The Music Careers site is a very simple and elegant database-driven site for job and resume postings and is entirely devoted to the music industry. You can find listings for sound companies, studios, retail stores, record labels, and more. If you are looking for that next key employee you’ll find nearly 1000 active resumes on line. And these are all individuals looking for positions in the industry, ranging from intern to upper management. Check it out.

After somewhere around three years (or is it 30 years?) of steady work on inSync, your editor (David Stewart for those who haven’t followed along over the years) has decided to take an unprecedented (and much deserved, if I do say) week off. Hold the applause please. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday) your acting inSync editor will be Chad Corley. Chad will hold the reigns until I return next Tuesday at which time he’ll return to his normal routine of washing the cars of Sweetwater employees. Just kidding there. See you in a week. David

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