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2014 Technical GRAMMY Award Winners

Emile Berliner, inventor of the Gramophone and recording pioneer.

Two Technical GRAMMY winners were announced at the recent 2014 edition of the big music award-show event. The awards were presented during a special invitation-only ceremony on Saturday, January 25. Technical GRAMMY Award winners are determined by a vote of NARAS Producers & Engineers Wing Advisory Council and Chapter Committees, as well as The Academy’s Trustees. Technical GRAMMY Awards are presented for outstanding technical contributions to the recording field.

This year’s Technical GRAMMY winners are:

Lexicon — a highly respected manufacturer of professional audio processors, including digital delays, digital reverbs, and more. Lexicon’s first product, the Delta T-101 delay, was the first commercially available digital audio device. Other influential and groundbreaking Lexicon products include the 224 digital reverb, PCM 41, PCM 42, and PCM 70, the 480L, and many more. Today, Lexicon is still at the forefront of digital audio development and products.

Emile Berliner — A pioneer in the early days of recording, Berliner invented the Gramophone (later renamed the “phonograph”), as well as an improved telephone transmitter that led to the development of the microphone.

Lexicon Best Sellers

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