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A type of connection found on guitars equipped with hexaphonic or “divided” pickup systems, specifically, those compatible with Roland equipment. The 13-pin output of the guitar can be connected to a guitar-to-MIDI converter, a guitar synthesizer, or a guitar modeling system. The 13-pin connector carries individual output from each of the six strings/hex pickup, and the signal from the guitar’s regular pickups as well as several control signals and “phantom” power (assuming the connected device can provide phantom power). Note that the 13-pin connection itself does not carry MIDI information. An ancillary box must be used to convert the analog signals created by the hex pickup into MIDI note and control data.

The pin-out for the connector is:

Pin 1 – signal 1
Pin 2 – signal 2
Pin 3 – signal 3
Pin 4 – signal 4
Pin 5 – signal 5
Pin 6 – signal 6
Pin 7 – output from regular guitar pickups
Pin 8 – synthesizer volume control signal
Pin 9 – not used/no connection
Pin 10 – synthesizer switch control signal (normally used for preset down)
Pin 11 – synthesizer switch control signal (normally used for preset up)
Pin 12 – +7 volts power
Pin 13 – -7 volts power

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