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What is Internet Activation and how do I use it for authorizing plug-ins?

Internet Activation is a feature that allows you to purchase and obtain a full license or demo authorization for a plug-in directly from the Pro Tools application. In order to use Internet Activation an iLok USB dongle needs to be connected to your system and your computer needs to be connected to the Internet.
Note: Internet Activation is not available for all Digidesign and Digidesign-distributed plug-ins at this time
To use Internet Activation:
– After installing a new plug-in you will be prompted for authorization the next time you launch Pro Tools.
– To obtain a demo authorization click the “Try”. To purchase a plug-in and obtain the full license, click the “Authorize”.
– In the next window, make sure the “use license card” box is not checked and click Next.
– Select the option for Internet Activation and click Next. You will be linked to the Digidesign Internet Activation page online where you will be required to log-in.
– If you have chosen to download a demo authorization, follow the prompts on the screen.
– If you have chosen “Authorize” to purchase a plug-in, select Full License and click the Buy Now tab.
– Follow the instruction for entering your shipping and credit card information.
– Once the transaction is processed the demo or full license will be transferred directly to your iLok.

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