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How do I uninstall my EastWest Quantam Leap product from my Mac?

If you plan on reinstalling your EWQL product on the same machine, please launch the Registration Tool located at MacHD/Applications/Eastwest/YOUR EWQLSO Product and write down the authorization code. Your system ID will not change by merely uninstalling your product and reinstalling it.

To uninstall any EWQL product from your Mac, you must delete the following files (“EWQL” has been substituted for a specific product name):

MacHD/Applications/Eastwest/EWQL folder
MacHD/Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plugins/EWQL
MacHD/Library/Preferences/EWQL.plist ***
MacHD/User (Your User Name)/Library/Preferences/com.native-instruments.EWQL.plist ***
MacHD/User (Your User Name)/Library/Preferences/EWQL.plist ***
*** Please note these .plist files may not all be present for your product. You will have at least one .plist for your product in MacHD/User (Your User Name/Library/Preferences

After deleting this files, empty the trash.