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Tyros Mega Voices

Mega Voices are multiple samples of sounds combined to one voice, accessed by velocity. There is a map of the breakdown of the sounds in each velocity area starting on page 10 of the Tyros Data manual. For example, on the Steel String Guitar, you would get:

01-20 Open Soft
21-40 Open Medium
41-60 Open Hard
61-75 Dead
76-90 Mute

etc. As you can imagine, it would quite difficult for a person to play at a specific velocity and access, for example, the Open Hard sample (Velocity 41-60). So why put them in? These Mega Voices were used to create the built-in Styles in the Tyros. Styles are limited to 8 tracks (drums, bass, piano guitar etc.) and Mega Voices allowed Yamaha to put a very authentic guitar part together using only one track of the eight tracks available for each Style. Most people that hear the Tyros (and PSR3000) Styles, can’t believe
how real the guitars and basses sound.

How to use Mega Voices:
1. If you have MIDI files, you could take the guitar track and (using programs like Cubase, Logic, DP etc) fix the velocity between x and y and get the sound you want (for example, fix the velocity from 21-40).
2. Assign the MIDI guitar track to one of the playable Mega Voices that are provided (with only one velocity switch), like DynoSteel or DynoSteel2 (page 1 and 2 under guitars).
3. Yamaha is releasing a piece of software that will convert a SMF to a Mega Voice MIDI file, called MEGA Enhancer. You can write them and request a copy of the CD (requires Tyros serial number).

Now that you know how it works, it depends on your level of
expertise. It can be done. It’s just a matter of using some different features of programs like Logic or Cubase that assign velocities to user defined percentages. What Yamaha didn’t want is to not offer the Mega Voices, thereby eliminating customers that did want to try programming their own files. The fix is the new software (see above). It will convert your MIDI files and make them sound like the Styles (very realistic guitar and bass parts).