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How do I setup Tap Tempo?

Tap Tempo lets you slave Digital Performer to a tap entered from any MIDI controller. You can use this to “conduct” your sequence and record these taps to the conductor track to create a tempo map.

To setup Tap Tempo in DP4:

  • Goto Setup > Receive Sync
  • Under Type of Sync, select “Tap Tempo”
  • Under MIDI beat input data, you can select an external source such as your MIDI controller
  • Make sure you select an Event
  • Sync countoff beats is the number of countoffs before Tap Tempo starts
  • Under Setup, click on Slave to External Sync (Command-7)
  • Set your conductor track to record-enable
  • Hit record, tap your event for the number you designated for countoff, and tap the desired tempo changes

For more information on Tap Tempo, check out the Tap Tempo section in the DP 4 manual starting on page 781.

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