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Setting up my MPK25/49/61/88 controller with Pro Tools.

With the MPK connected to your system make the following setting changes within Pro Tools:

1. Open ProTools and go to Setup > Peripherals > MIDI Controllers

2. Add a controller
Type: M-Audio Keyboard
From: MPK 88
To : MPK 88
#Chs: 8

3. Press OK

Using the MPK editor software (Vyzex) make the following setting changes to an MPK preset. Apply the CC settings below ti the buttons, sliders, and knobs of the MPK.
***Vyzex is available as a free download at akaipro.com


12 – mute selected track
13 – solo selected track
14 – move bank left
15 – move bank right

17 thru 24 – Pan knobs (incremental/endless)

33 thru 40 – Faders 1 – 8
41 – Master Fader

49 thru 56 – Slider Buttons
57 – Flip button

110 – Prev track

111 – Next track

113 – Loop button
114 – Rewind
115 – Fast Forward
116 – Stop
117 – Play
118 – Record

Once these settings are made press “Sync” within Vyzex. This will send the preset to your MPK. This will save the preset to the MPK’s buffer memory meaning this preset will be lost when the unit to turned off. To permanently save this preset please do the following.

1. While you are in Preset Mode, press [>] button until you see the ‘SAVE TO’ screen similar to the one shown

2. You can select the location where you want to save the Preset by turning the [VALUE] knob.
When you do this, you will notice that the ‘PRESS ENTER’ segment will begin to blink.

3. Press [ENTER] to save current Preset to the destination. Pressing [<] button or [PRESET] button cancels the
operation and returns you to the Preset play mode.

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